About Me

About Me

I would love to formally introduce myself, give a glimpse into my life, why I started blogging, and explain what it is you can expect form this page. So here we go!

I’m Jessica Mofford, it is a true pleasure to meet you! I have grown up in the Pacific Northwest all my life. I started at the Oregon coast and currently reside in SW Washington. Always been a lover of music – a singer since age 2, and haven’t been silenced since. I have the privilege of leading worship in our church for 5 years now along side my handsome husband. Speaking of my husband, we are newlyweds! Andrew and I got married September 18, 2016.


We love to adventure together and are avid video games. We love God with all our hearts. At parties and gatherings, you can find us wherever the dog is. I am a big fan of food and the health benefits we can gain from it and love to help others wherever I am able.

The Journey

I have been on a journey of becoming a healthy and whole person since graduating high school about 4 years ago. I was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy.


I started by working out fairly regularly; however I continued eating the same. Then I flipped to eating healthy but not working out. It wasn’t until about two years ago I started doing both. I have gone from extremes of eating whatever and however much of it I wanted to surviving off 500 calories a day and drinking infused water to help with not passing out. It wasn’t the right way to getting where I wanted to be.

In March 2014, Andrew and I started dating. Naturally, I would cook meals for us both. While he was very grateful, I noticed he always added some sort of sauce or condiment to almost all things I made (we all know how this feels). I realized something when I looked at my past though. I would cut out anything in my meals that would add extra calories so I had learned to eat everything in it’s natural state. This is not a bad thing whatsoever but it does make food and cooking pretty boring.

The nice thing about cooking with basics is that I learned what those natural states brought to the meal so when I began to cook with a touch of sophistication, I knew where to start.

Why I Started This Blog

Which brings me to why I started this blog. I think many of us underestimate what we can create in the kitchen and just because it tastes amazing doesn’t mean it isn’t good for you! My hope for this blog is to encourage and inspire others to throw away the takeout menu of your favorite Thai restaurant (my weakness) and try it in your own home. It’s an amazing feeling mastering the meal you use to order AND know exactly what was put in it.

You can expect to see many recipes that I personally loved cooking, kitchen items I discover and love,  and tidbits of inspiration. I am always welcome to suggestions and would absolutely love all of your input! I look forward to our journey together!