It’s Been a While

Happy Saturday!

Did anyone else get Staind stuck in there head after reading the title like I did? I admittedly love that song as 90’s as it is. Anywayyyy…

It has ben six months since I have blogged and normally I do not like to use excuses for not following through with my commitments. However, it has been an extremely busy six months. A few significant part of our lives have changed every other month and while we could not be happier, it’s been crazy!


The first change in our lives was with our careers. After graduating, Andrew got a job with a great start-up locally that provides a lot of potential and a great working-environment. Three months later, I took a new job as well in the beautiful Pearl District of Portland. The change has been amazing and we are both feel we are where we’re supposed to be, but that change alone sure took it out of me for the first couple months.

Living Space

The next change came just two weeks after I started my new job. We moved. Not only did we move, but we helped three other family members move within a three month time frame. We were blessed to have the opportunity to take over a rental home after my brother and sister-in-law moved into their first home thirty minutes south. It has been such a wonderful difference for us. Apartment living is tough when you live with a gamer, an introvert who likes a calm atmosphere, and trying to entertain more than two people in 725 square feet.

We grew about 250 more square feet and added a wonderful yard to our every day life. Our additional room acts as our office, music room, and my “woman cave” as a sweet escape from Destiny/Halo chaos. Plus, my plants are loving being in a yard rather than a tiny balcony.

Adding To The Family

When we got married, we decided that we would wait until we had a house and yard before adding to our family…

WE GOT A PUPPY! Thought that was going in a different direction, didn’t you?

Isn’t he just the sweetest? This little guy’s name is Marlin and he has stolen our hearts. But when they say a puppy is work, they were not kidding! This cutie chews on whatever hands he can (thanks teething), shreds all leaves, and is a thief of sock & underwear. He has been with us for a little over a month and we have jumped over the crate training & potty training hurdles. He is my shadow in the kitchen and loves to watch me cook (predator of food scraps).

Food Experiments

Just when you think I forgot about cooking… I have been putting a lot of work in the kitchen. I started feeling a stagnant in my recipes and began feeling insecure about my ability to offer a well-rounded variety of flavors. For the last few months I have been following a lot of other bloggers recipes but trying ones I feel less familiar with. (A few of my favorite bloggers are: Damn DeliciousSkinny Taste, and Gimme Some Oven). I feel a lot more comfortable with different flavors, techniques, and ingredients after learning from these lovely ladies.

I Need Your Help!

With the crazy season we have had, I am very excited to get back into building my recipes and sharing them with you all. To get me started again, I would love to focus my efforts in meals that will help you in your world.

I am now taking requests for recipes you would love to see! Whether it’s trying to make a healthier option, how to make it less work-intensive, or simply wanting some flavors you haven’t seen here before, I would love to create it for you! Feel free to comment below, or contact me directly.

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